Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I have told you this so that 
my joy may be in you
and that your joy may be complete.
John 15:11

A miracle happened today.  Shawn entered into the sweet presence of our loving heavenly Father.  Oh the glory!  Oh to see the smile that will forever be upon his face.  That infectious smile!  My heart aches. It is heavy. But my is full of joy and wonder.

A few days ago, as he lay incoherent in his hospital bed, he spoke clearly saying, "God has a plan and a purpose. This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Hallelujah! I can do this. I did it in front of you, Father".
Then, in typical Shawnsington fashion, he led us in song (swaying his hand like a conductor):
It is well... it is well.
With my soul... with my soul.
It is well, it is well, with my soul!!!!

His faith never waivered.  He stayed strong till the bitter end. 

I stand in awe of the beauty of his legacy.   

Imagine for a moment.  The journey of your life coming to an end.  The curtains close.  You take your final bow.  The applause of heaven.  The standing ovation.   You look ahead and He is there... Jesus.  He claps his hands for you and says,  "Well done, good and faithful servant, well done". 

What legacy will you leave behind? 


  1. Beautiful. What a legacy, indeed. Love and prayers.

  2. Lily reminds me so much of Shawn. I believe she will not only carry on the Kuykendall legacy in sportsmanship because of her amazing athletic ability, but the combination of a strong will and sweet spirit will impact others in the same way Shawn's life did. Beautifully written Allison. I love you.

  3. My brother told a similar story at my mom's funeral: He said imagine closing your eyes seeing your loved ones here on earth (he had us all close our eyes picturing our earthly family); he then told us to picture Jesus and open our eyes to them to see his face staring into ours. It was a miraculous moment that brought such comfort knowing this is what mom was experiencing. A few years before at my sister's funeral (she too died of cancer) the family was praying together before the service began and my mom said she had a vision of my sister dancing before the Lord. I believe that was God's gift to my mother because her grief was so great at losing her oldest daughter and one of her best friends. It's so hard not to get tied up in our lives here on earth, but they are truly only the beginning of what awaits us with Him. May God give you all the peace and visions of what Shawn is experiencing in His presence.

  4. amazing- thanks for sharing that precious picture of Shawn. I never met him, but I praise the Lord for his faith and legacy. My prayers are with your whole family and community.